We’re back!

Recently the club held a Special General Meeting and voted to reform the club. Thanks go to president Graham Muller and secretary/treasurer Doug Mitchell who have kept the club running and incorporated since the mid 90s.

The new committee is:

President: Tom Huf

Secreatry: Greg Milburn

Treausurer: Trav Horman

Committee members: Shane Roberts, Zeb Chivell, Gary Balonis, Shane Hakopa

The recreation reserve committee is drafting a master plan for the reserve, as well as user agreements for the different clubs using the reserve including the kart club.

Memberships were set at $25 and $50 for families until racing begins to gain commitment and undertake preliminary track works. Membership forms will be available shortly.

The club has made excellent progress and hopes to make some exciting announcements soon about how the club will run, including classes with both new and old karts, some great deals to make racing cheaper, and how we’ll be getting the track up to speed very soon. Some works have already started on the track grounds. A number of items crucial to going racing again have already been donated, as has the use of equipment from a number of people.

Due to a lot of interest, the club is also considering providing a safe environment for motorbikes but voted to explore this once karting could be established.

The club is also developing sponsorship proposals offering great deals to be featured at the track.

Anyone wishing to get involved as a member, volunteer and/or sponsor is encouraged to get in touch with Tom on 0427 620 422 or tommyhuf89@gmail.com