Southern Mallee Kart Club to reopen in 2024

After a 30 year hiatus, the Southern Mallee Kart Club will be back in 2024!

After 2 years of hard work on the track and some incredible support from the community, the official reopening will be held on Sunday March 10th.

2024 memberships are now available for racers and supporters at Until we can raise the last of the funds for the install of some final equipment and infrastructure, on track activities will be social practice sessions only, affording all us new karters a chance to get up to speed as well!

Our independent model through the AASA and in line with our friends at the Geelong Kart Club means we aim to keep karting as affordable as possible.

Practice sessions will be open to AASA racing license holders. When we get racing later in the year, race entries will be open to any holder of a AASA, KA or KNSW license.

Past members of the Southern Mallee Kart Club and Hopetoun Kart Club are invited to cut the ribbon at the reopening.

We also invite all our generous donators, sponsors, volunteers and supporters to join us at the reopening so we can thank all of you who have made this extraordinary feat possible.

We will be posting more updates and information over coming days and weeks to social media as well as our website so stay tuned and please like and share.