Located 4km from Hopetoun in Victoria’s north west, our track is remembered as a real drivers’ track by those who have ever raced here. It’s a short, tight track that favours technique over brute horsepower and offers plenty of overtaking opportunities.

Racing began here in May 1965, then a dirt track hosting many enjoyable days for the Hopetoun locals. In the early 1980s it was converted to bitumen and then hot-mix, coinciding with the establishment of the Southern Mallee Kart Club.

The Southern Mallee Titles began in 1984, hosting large fields, but the largest field came for the 1988 Victorian Sprint Championship where around 400 entrants travelled to Hopetoun from all over the country.

Plenty of big names have raced on the track, among them are Craig Lowndes, Russell Ingall, Todd & Rick Kelly, Jamie Whincup, Steven Ellery, Tim Macro, Nathan Pretty, John Faulkner and Peter Lehane.

Since official racing stopped in the late 90s, the track has still seen lots of use as a practice track for karting, drifting and Supermotard.

In addition to being remembered fondly by racers, it is also great for spectators who can surround the entirety of the track. The whole circuit can be seen from any vantage point, though a highlight is watching the action from north end as karts fly through turns 1, 2 and 3.

  • Length – 475 metres
  • Width – 6 metres
  • Direction – anti-clockwise